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flag as inappropriate Konijn    May 31, 2021

What I can see of your smile is lovely, you have a fantastic body and perfect boobs.

flag as inappropriate jackin    Oct. 5, 2017
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Sexy photos you have

flag as inappropriate NextDoorFriend    Oct. 5, 2017

Nice tits. Especially love the tan lines...but I'm confused. You said you post mostly self pics, but I didn't see a selfie in the 3 pages I looked at. Not that I'm complaining, just curious that you mentioned taking mostly self pics when nearly all are portraits taken by someone else?

flag as inappropriate Nipples86    July 4, 2017
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For tributes send me us your mail pvt

flag as inappropriate unchained & 38 D    July 3, 2017
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love your titties love to see what them legs and thighs look like any thing like your titties you are a dream cum true a fan of yours

flag as inappropriate Bear1959    June 4, 2017
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Gorgeous breasts, would love to see more of your beautiful body someday

flag as inappropriate psvw    May 28, 2017
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Hi... would love to see you in the bikini's that give you those sexy tanlines

flag as inappropriate agoodengr1952    April 21, 2017

Love the tan lines! Love to the swimsuit on you!

flag as inappropriate Jizza    March 24, 2017
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Absolutely magnificent

flag as inappropriate Allec    Jan. 31, 2017
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Gorgeous tits but always sun, so many cocks would be there to fill with cream

flag as inappropriate Ronsky712    Nov. 27, 2016

I have become a huge fan of yours! You have an incredible body and I love your spirit and willingness to let us enjoy it! I hope you will continue to post, I will always enjoy you

flag as inappropriate Titlover    Sept. 20, 2016

Wow amazing photos and tits with your fantastic nipples. Love your posts, keep them cumming, I know I will be.

flag as inappropriate rpm    Sept. 19, 2016

one woman with perfect 10 titties. This photo only proves it once again. I love your posts.

flag as inappropriate Marco08r    Sept. 18, 2016
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Total body please....

flag as inappropriate alfons    Sept. 16, 2016
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Hi Faans Flasher. I have been seeing your postings for a long time now so I have decided to add you to my wall. Over the next few days I will very slowly peruse as much as I can and add some shots to my favourites page.

flag as inappropriate Mac    Aug. 5, 2016
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Man you have fabulous breasts, I just love the shape & curves. Very yummy baby!!

flag as inappropriate Marco08r    July 24, 2016
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You are a wonderful woman ... sexy and exciting and make me come hard and rock in a moment.
I would like play with cum all over your body and then come many times in your cunt up to fill it as much as possible �

flag as inappropriate Grace    May 25, 2016
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I love your sexy pictures!!!

I'm following

flag as inappropriate Dicky Dock    April 11, 2016VResident
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So disappointing that you seem to have stopped posting. It's been nearly four months now. Let's see more of those tremendous titties.

flag as inappropriate showme34    Dec. 11, 2015

Beautiful tits! Just found your blog and now I'm a follower! Great pics and vids! Looking forward to your future posts sexy! Check out my blog and follow me if you like it gorgeous!

flag as inappropriate Ellie & Ste    Oct. 9, 2015
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Hey just love your tits

flag as inappropriate Jizza    Sept. 20, 2015
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Wow stunning followed looking forward to seeing more

flag as inappropriate SoDamnHorney    Sept. 13, 2015
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Baby you have some beautiful tits but id love to see the rest of your beautiful bady

flag as inappropriate Ellie & Ste    Sept. 4, 2015
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Wow fantastic tits

flag as inappropriate SoDamnHorney    Sept. 3, 2015
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I'd love to see some full frontal pics

flag as inappropriate Ricroc & Roxy,    Aug. 22, 2015
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We like ur sexy blog, and follow! Ooh baby, Roxy

flag as inappropriate Ellie & Ste    Aug. 19, 2015
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Great photos always

flag as inappropriate jtease    July 29, 2015

You have just got the most perfect set of tits I have ever seen! Big but not to big, your nipples can go from a small areola with a pointy nipple that you just want to pinch to medium sized areola and to a puffy areola that you just want to put your whole mouth over! You just have it all! It is just nice to see how your tits look different in different enviroments just awesome! What size bra do you wear

flag as inappropriatebikerluvsmilfs46    July 23, 2015

Beautiful! Lucky hubby.

flag as inappropriate MDaddy    July 22, 2015
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So glad your back!!!

flag as inappropriate J001    July 21, 2015

Great seeing you again-simply perfect!! So sexy and fun!!

flag as inappropriate touchingmyself    April 16, 2015

for sure missing your posts!
love them sexy tits!

flag as inappropriate jtease    Feb. 11, 2015

Glad you are back

flag as inappropriate jtease    Jan. 22, 2015

Please keep posting give it a chance just love seeing your big titties

flag as inappropriate kodakuk1    Jan. 22, 2015
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Very hot Faans your husband is a lucky man. You're right about the new site layout, seems unnecessarily complicated.

flag as inappropriate jtease    Jan. 22, 2015

just love your perfect tits! What size bra do you wear

flag as inappropriate burro69    Dec. 24, 2014

My Dear, Hot Sexy and Busty Friend

Hope this Xmas will be so perfect to you and your family
A big hug, a nice kiss and all my love to you
2015 will be so better, because you are here in this earth, living and having to much fun
My best (and horny) wishes to you


flag as inappropriatePigDog66    Dec. 19, 2014

Absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing your sexy self. I appreciate the inspiration and look forward to seeing much more of you (grin).

flag as inappropriate RISKYK    Dec. 4, 2014

New follower. Would love to see below your waist! Don't be shy!!!

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    Nov. 30, 2014
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I have to say your big beautiful tits are just fucking amazing!!!!!!

flag as inappropriate fiftyplusfox    Nov. 26, 2014
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flag as inappropriate wimaturelover    Nov. 19, 2014
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Your tits are amazing. I want to be in that pool with you. Or the couch or the bed or the park....lol. Lets be friends.

flag as inappropriateExela    Nov. 18, 2014
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I like a lot your contri and pics and video.
Now I'm your follower.


flag as inappropriate Will    Nov. 18, 2014

Any chance of getting a booty pic??

flag as inappropriate Bignico    Nov. 11, 2014
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The most amazing set of tits to rub mt cock to! I love your posts!!!

flag as inappropriate Trader Ted    Nov. 10, 2014

Wow, just wow! That has to be one of the finest bosom's I've ever laid eyes upon. I'd do almost anything to get a chance to photograph those perfect puppies.

flag as inappropriate Italian Gigolò    Oct. 8, 2014
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Thak you for sharing, you are a amazing Lady

italian kisses

i follow you

flag as inappropriate I love shaved pussy    Sept. 26, 2014

i'm your followers now

great blog

flag as inappropriate troubleshooter    Sept. 22, 2014

love those lines!

flag as inappropriate Photoman21    Sept. 8, 2014

Perfect just perfect!

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