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Faans Flasher's Amateur Wife Photo Blog: Tits Tanlines Photo

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Faans Flasher ( )



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"I am just a regular girl that loves to take selfpics mostly. I travel quite a bit so i get to take pictures outdoors a lot and send them home to hubby so he can see what he is missing out on while the wife away."


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Faans Flasher's Amateur Wife Photo Blog

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flag as inappropriate StiffOnee    Nov. 6, 2023

Fabulous twins!

flag as inappropriate Maxx10    July 20, 2021

Beautiful !!!!

flag as inappropriate Dobber    July 3, 2019

Just come across your pic- great tits

flag as inappropriate Inthedoghouse247    June 5, 2019
VCity Userpic

Nice tits

flag as inappropriate Milf couple    May 19, 2019
VCity Userpic

Love the tan, love the boobs

flag as inappropriate skynyrdfan    April 11, 2019
VCity Userpic

DAMN!!!! What else can you say about these gorgeous twins and those fantastic nipples!!!!

flag as inappropriate Ron & Glenda    Jan. 17, 2018
VCity Userpic

Beautiful and sexy! Kisses

flag as inappropriate Sexy M with The Doctor    Sept. 2, 2017
VCity Userpic

OMG such a sexy pic, so arousing......

flag as inappropriate Roxy    July 14, 2017
VCity Userpic

Hi baby! This is one of my fave pics of u! So sexy!

flag as inappropriate Shawerma    May 7, 2017

Mmmmmm so hot

flag as inappropriate JMcockey    April 6, 2017

All I can say is..............WOW.....

flag as inappropriate Kaliman    March 6, 2017

Nothing regular about you or those gorgeous tits of yours ! Love to see more

flag as inappropriateDeShawn.25    May 22, 2016

Just very lovely

flag as inappropriate Mister Sixx    March 2, 2016
VCity Userpic

Pretty! **drool!!*

flag as inappropriate SweetieLeta    Jan. 10, 2016


flag as inappropriate rosswilliams728    Dec. 2, 2015
VCity Userpic

Just Gorgeous... love your hard nipples and big areolas.... oh my

flag as inappropriate 946    Aug. 15, 2015

I'm speechless.

flag as inappropriate 946    Aug. 2, 2015

You ... are ... superb!

flag as inappropriate Retro    July 27, 2015
VCity Userpic

Truly beautiful!!!

flag as inappropriate toyzs    July 25, 2015

Great tits sweet. Nipples

flag as inappropriate zippo9    July 21, 2015
VCity Userpic

Lord, lord, no wonder I've missed you so much!!

flag as inappropriate gandc    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Great tits

flag as inappropriate Jay    July 20, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Pleased to see you back :-)

flag as inappropriate steve1    July 20, 2015

i have missed
enjoying your lovely boobies.

flag as inappropriate justrite    July 20, 2015

Great titties,I would like to cum on them.

flag as inappropriateExela    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Nice pic. I like a lot.

flag as inappropriate fairbairnfairbairn    July 20, 2015
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flag as inappropriate SandysurfSF    July 20, 2015

Very nice presentation! Lovely! It's always nice to see your pics!

flag as inappropriate SoDamnHorney    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

I've missed those beautiful boobs

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Oh hell yes!!!!!! Glad to see your gorgeous tits again!!!!!

flag as inappropriate zstaff1975    July 20, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic


flag as inappropriate MaX    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

welcome back beautiful!

flag as inappropriate akthumper    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

so glad you're back beautiful ; been missing your girls.... top of the line ,fine !!!

flag as inappropriate buckaroo    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Great pair !!

flag as inappropriate 946    July 20, 2015

Welcome back! You remain suberb.

flag as inappropriate oc100    July 20, 2015

Everything. Awesome. Picture perfect. Damon straigh

flag as inappropriate Phillyden    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Love seeing those gorgeous tits and magnificent nipples seems like it's been a while

flag as inappropriate rahul dev    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

nice to see ur pic again Faans Flasher.. i missed u...
nice lovely boobs and nipples...kisses

flag as inappropriate oc100    July 20, 2015

I gaze off the deck a n d hope to see a squirrel, wood pecked or d
eer. Imagine my surprise and or dismay w h en I see you. Mg mouth is water ing. Dam fine awesome.

flag as inappropriate Mayhem    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

My my, FF, remember me? I used to be Chaz, no, really, I really enjoy seeing these same pics now and then. My wife thought she had found someone new. I told her you were my first internet crush. I told her what she would see,, and was correct. Really good to see you. She really likes your tan lines and photos. Ask and I'll tell you who she posts as.

flag as inappropriateflathead phillips    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Hey girl, This is Chaz remember me? I know you most likely will not answer. I knew you back when... you know. Still posting the same pics I see. Great to see you. My wife loves your tan lines.
are you still in the canyon.

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    July 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

Absolutely spectacular! I love your boobs!...Your tan lines are so HOT!...kiss...kiss... :-P

flag as inappropriate JustD    July 20, 2015

Very nice!

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